The Tea Sommelier brings you the finest selection of organic and artisan loose leaf teas from the most natural mountain and forest in the world.

"The Tea Sommelier understands the importance of using high quality tea ware that is designed especially for brewing these loose leaf teas and blends. Without the need of a tea bag you can enjoy the luxurious flavours of artisan tea brewed in contemporary glassware and traditional yixing clay."

The Tea Sommelier offers you the most honest artis an loose leaf tea and herbs sourced from traditional 'ecological' farms along with bespoke hand made tea ware for your indulgence.

The art of the tea sommelier is to source and share quality information about the benefits of loose leaf artisan tea and herbs. A tea sommelier is a guide who listens to individual requests and creates bespoke recommendation for clients. A tea sommelier finds the best artisan loose leaf tea and herbs that are either certified organic or collected from wild and ancient plantings that are grown amongst a natural forest environment.

The Tea Sommelier business ethics are founded by the support it gives local village collectives trading tea with their communities who share their earnings evenly.

Sustainable tea picking and supporting the local farmers are integral pillars in making a difference in the tea world. The original tea masters have shared their knowledge for generations perfecting the hand made processes involved in real artisan loose leaf tea production. Supporting these masters and growers will continue to help the next generations to succeed in business.

Over the past 5 years the Tea Sommelier has;

  • Travelled to the School of Tea in Sri Lanka.
  • Accreditation with the Australian Tea Masters Association 2013.
  • Won national competitions competing as a team in the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2012 & 2014.
  • Won a silver medal in the Dilmah Real High Tea Global Competition in Sri Lanka in 2015.
  • Practicing as New Zealand's only Tea Sommelier at the Langham Hotel Auckland for 5 years.