A Short History of Tea

While travelling the world climbing mountains, studying Buddhism and learning about different cultures, B. K. McManus fell at peace most when sipping a cup of tea. Visiting remote villages in India’s northern most states to exotic forests in the Golden Valley of Ceylon led him to discover the deepest treasures of the natural world. The journey began here studying the history and culture around tea, trekking closer to the border of China in search of its deepest roots. Discovering true artisan handpicked tea produced the traditional way supporting local farmers in a sustainable way. The Tea Sommelier brings to you the very best organic artisan loose leaf tea and herbs from across the world. Read more of The Journey

White Tea pressed into a chocolate bar shape.

white tea block teasom

This Yunnan bud only tea has a naturally cooling quality that is very refreshing and delicate.  These tea trees can be over 400 years old.  The look of the leaf is fuzzy and silvery on one side and dark matted black on the other like the moon.

White tea compressed teasomWhite tea compressed into block shape

Aromas are sweet and toasty, honeyed pear, delicate white flowers and pollen.

Picked in spring between March and May under the moonlight.

Very pale liquor colour.  Off white and very clear with tiny little down (tea hairs)* floating in the glass pot.

Slowly the bar breaks away and the delightful single buds appear.  Some start to float and then stand up right showing off their incredible beauty.  These buds are now dancing in the glass.

The tea is decanted separating the liquor and the leaf allowing for multiple infusions.

Wet leaf and tea liquor

Wet leaf aroma:  intensely honeyed floral notes with softness and delicacy.  Subtle herbaceous notes with smooth honeysuckle like floral character and a tranquil cacao like depth.  Think cacao butter warming on your skin.

wetleaf liquor white tea block TeasomTea colour:  pale yellow gold, bright and clear, lucerne straw


Flavour:  enduring and supple toasty flavours.  Mouth coating delicate pollen and flowers, pear and honey, savoury minerality.

A delightful and giving brew.

Brew: 4grams @ 90degC
First wash 5min
Second wash 6min with same temperature
Third wash 8 min and still going...

Happy cupping,

* the next article will discuss the importance of this phenomenon