A Short History of Tea

While travelling the world climbing mountains, studying Buddhism and learning about different cultures, B. K. McManus fell at peace most when sipping a cup of tea. Visiting remote villages in India’s northern most states to exotic forests in the Golden Valley of Ceylon led him to discover the deepest treasures of the natural world. The journey began here studying the history and culture around tea, trekking closer to the border of China in search of its deepest roots. Discovering true artisan handpicked tea produced the traditional way supporting local farmers in a sustainable way. The Tea Sommelier brings to you the very best organic artisan loose leaf tea and herbs from across the world. Read more of The Journey

Fine Tippy Hand rolled Spring Flush

FineTippy Nepal Spring2015 Teasom

Spring last from March till end of May in Nepal and this is when the tea bushels come out of winter dormancy.  The first growth of the season provides a fine tippy expression of the mountainous terroir consisting purely of tip and first two leaves only.  The leaf and tip set are delicately hand rolled as they oxidise creating a beautiful display of shapes and colours.  There are fine downy hairs coating the tips of these leaves which help protect the plant from disease and colder temperatures.

The Spring flush tea liquor

tealiquor Nepal Spring2015 Teasom

The colour of the spring flush tea

The Spring flush wet lewetleaf Nepal Spring2015 Teasomaf


The wet leaf post brew reveals details about process , production and quality.