A Short History of Tea

While travelling the world climbing mountains, studying Buddhism and learning about different cultures, B. K. McManus fell at peace most when sipping a cup of tea. Visiting remote villages in India’s northern most states to exotic forests in the Golden Valley of Ceylon led him to discover the deepest treasures of the natural world. The journey began here studying the history and culture around tea, trekking closer to the border of China in search of its deepest roots. Discovering true artisan handpicked tea produced the traditional way supporting local farmers in a sustainable way. The Tea Sommelier brings to you the very best organic artisan loose leaf tea and herbs from across the world. Read more of The Journey

White Tea pressed into a chocolate bar shape.

white tea block teasom

Fine Tippy Hand rolled Spring Flush

FineTippy Nepal Spring2015 Teasom

The fine silvery, golden and dark tea hairs that are commonly seen on the leaves and buds of Camellia Sinensis are called called down.

JinJunMei bud teasom

Hello tea drinkers, catechin tea leaf teasom

It has been an interesting time discovering the in-depth chemical and biological studies regarding the effects of commercial and artisan quality teas on the human body.

I will attempt to answer about catechins and how they are useful for the human body.